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artist. May. 17th, 2005 @ 09:07 pm
I had the pleasure of meeting Nadia Janjua last year. We both had pieces exhibited during islam awareness @ rutgers.

She has beautiful islamic calligraphy work in the form of paintings. She works mostly with abstraction and forms/concepts/ideas using vibrant and warm colors, making the peice hard to not look at. she puts alot of detail into them, making you carefully absorb each stroke. most of the compositions are centered and visually balanced, without being symmetrical and boring. She also has gorgeous photography work and does architecture as well. :) she does it all! now if she made fabric...

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for more of Nadia's work, visit her site @ NADIA JANJUA ARTISTARCHITECT 
[she sells reprints! pretty cheap too. for info on buying reprints contact nadia]

Nadia has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, and graduated in Dec'04 getting her Masters in Architecture. She is currently interning in the architecture field.

Intro. May. 17th, 2005 @ 01:23 am
Around 640, Islam was already (getting) big in the east. Islamic civilization stretched to the Indus valley. Baghdad, on the Tigris, was the most important city of Islam (in the 18th century). Islamic art, learning, and crafts would have an uber-influence on the European Middle Ages; from arabesque ornament, the manufacture of paper, and Arabic numerals, spreading greek philosophy and science thru arab scholars writings.

Arabs overran African and Near Eastern parts of the Roman Empire. At about 732, they got Spain. By the 11th century Turks were over most of Asia Minor. (1453 : Turks took over Constantinople)

Islamic art is not just 'art specifically for/regarding islam,' but also art made under islamic rule/influence. It can be identified as highly dynamic, with a brilliant use of color, intricate decoration and form. Even with strong regional characteristics and influence from various cultures, it still has this overall distinctive look, which is awesome considering how many different cultures and lands were involved in islamic art. That is a result of Islam, which helped nurture a distinct visual culture with its own artistic language.

Intro. May. 10th, 2005 @ 11:43 pm

ok, time to start this community. I guess I'll start with something I've worked on and go to historical/informative posts next.

so i'm a hijabi muslim. i'm an art major, and i'm 22. i'm working on a 4 minute film, on arranged marriages right now.

so check it out :  
1 mb realplayer version.

26 mb quicktime version.

so tomorrow i'll talk about historic islamic art. :)

the end.

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